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What we offer...


Unmatched Personal Service and Professional Guidance

Our years of experience have taught us much, about what people truly value, when selling their property! We will take the time to listen and learn about your personal selling needs and then customize a sales plan that works for your unique personal selling situation. You will never be just another client for us!


The showing plan we will create, will be minimally disruptive to your family life, yet effective enough to satisfy showing requests, made by buyers or their agents.  We also believe that if you are paying us a commission, it's only fair that you are regularly informed about our efforts to sell your property.  You will be provided a weekly sales activity report, until your property is sold!  We will make every effort to answer every one of your calls after we begin to actively sell your property. If we can't answer at the moment, we will return your calls within 15 minutes or less.  

Market Analysis of Your Home's Value

After you reach out to us about selling your home, we will prepare a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA) of your home, sight-unseen.  After visiting your home, we will refine the value estimate, to give you are real-world opinion of value, which will take into consideration your property's condition and any upgrades you have done to your home.  This will give you a realistic market value estimate of your property, which online value estimates simply can't deliver, enabling you to price your property competitively, so you can sell quickly and for top dollar.

Unique Property Website

Today, buyers want and expect massive amounts information about a property they are considering for purchase, and we deliver!  In fact, we create two websites for each of our listings.  One for our direct marketing efforts, and one that other agents can share with their clients, which does not have our contact information, so agents can feel confident their clients won't call us directly.  Each website also has a mobile version, for easy sharing, with co-workers, friends and family.


  • Your website will have information not found online or major search websites like Zillow, Trulia, and others.

  • Your website will contain professional quality photos, a link to your property's video, information on local schools, neighborhood information, including; nearby shopping, grocery stores, parks / recreation, hospitals, houses of worship and other places of interest to families.

Property Video

We recognize that video is no longer an up-and-coming marketing tool and that most consumers today, prefer to see videos over static photos alone.  Video is a powerful way to showcase properties to literally millions of buyers online, which is why we create videos for the properties we represent. We post videos on Youtube and other social media sites.  

Massive Market Exposure & Social Media Marketing

We market and promote properties locally, nationally and internationally; in more than 100 countries, 800 property search websites and in 19 different languages. Our main U.S. website alone, gives buyers the opportunity to view property details in 9 different languages!  Our social media campaigns are created to reach active buyers, within a 25 mile radius from the location of you property and also target different areas of the country.  Lastly, we also market to local agents, who we have identified as working with buyers looking for a home, with your property's profile.

Time Tested Sales Strategies 

Experience, is there a substitute? We have years of experience and education to know what works and does not work to sell properties quickly.  We understand the psychological dynamics at play, which concern buyers, and take the necessary steps to promote value and remove any feelings of doubt or insecurity in the buyer's mind, about the properties we represent.

Our Proven Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan consists of 7 components and 32 actionable points.  We would really love to share the plan here with you, but we do not want to give away our "secret sauce" to our competitors.  We will gladly share our proven marketing plan with you in person, or on an online conferencing session.

We Personally Show All the Properties We Represent

Our showing strategies are time tested!  We personally show all the properties we represent. We don't depend on the unknown sales ability of other agents to sell our client's properties.  Our clients are to important to us, to leave the sale of what could be their most valuable asset, in the hands of unproven agents, whose sales experience in unknown to us.  We prepare and become intimately knowledgeable about the properties we represent, so we can sell value, when we show them to buyers or their agents.  Buyer agents simply cannot sell value, since they may not know about the property's features, upgrades and other details, like we do.

Communication Technologies / Online Conferencing

We utilize the latest communication technologies to get properties sold.  As our selling or purchasing client, we can communicate with you directly, face-to-face, in real-time, regardless of where you are in the world and at a convenient time for you!  We are able to share our computer screen with you in "real time" to fill out contracts, write counter-offers, view property details and much more.  We also use video mail, when we need to cover any subject with you, which requires an  extensive detailed explanation, so you don't have to read a long emails.  Our clients tells they love the convenience and ease of use, of these time-saving services, we provide.

Electronic Signatures

We also offer the convenience of secure and safe online of electronic signatures service, which can be a real time-saver, when certain signatures are required, throughout the selling or purchasing process.  Our clients love this service, because it's easy and convenient, especially, when they are out of town or its late in the evening, and an ink signature is just not possible. 

Estate Sale Auction

Don't want to take some of your personal belongings with you?  Not a problem. We will sell them for you, as part of the services included in our listing package. To learn more see the Estate Sale page.

Concierge Services

If you are planning to purchase a new home in Miami Lakes or anywhere in South Florida, we will offer you our Five Star Concierge ServiceThis service is perfect for the busy professional or the homemaker who does not have time to perform online searches or handle all the details when searching for a new home.  After consulting with you, we will search for homes that meet your exact requirements. All the properties presented to you, will be vetted before-hand, to make sure you have all the information you need, before scheduling a showing appointment.

Custom Search Website Portal

If you prefer to search on your own for your new home, not a problem!  We can provide you access to the same database we use in our real estate business.  We will set-up a website search portal, which can notify you via email, every time a property of your interest comes to market.  Within your search portal, you can also keep track of properties, rank them and leave us notes on individual properties, make showing requests, without having to write an email, compose a text message or give us a call. The portal is convenient, easy to use and will help us communicate effectively, throughout the purchasing process.

Market Value Analysis of your next home 

Regardless of how you prefer to go about purchasing your next home, we will provide you with a detail CMA report, on any property you wish to purchase, so you can decide on the best purchase offer strategy, after visiting the property.

Professional Guidance When Purchasing Property

When writing an offer to purchase, we will put of years of experience to work for you, in formulating an offer that wins.  In highly competitive markets, its crucial to beat out the competition first, by offering terms that sellers are more likely to accept.  In slow markets, we will advise you and negotiate the best price for you. After negotiating the purchase terms and executing the contract on any property, we will guide you every step of the way, throughout the entire purchasing process.

Financing advice

Understanding your financing options, the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of loans is crucial.  Choosing the wrong mortgage or failing to negotiate the terms of your loan, in your particular purchasing situation, can cost you thousands of dollars, initially or through the life of the loan. We can provide you with honest advise, so you can obtain the best possible loan.

Guidance Throughout the Closing Process

Purchasing just like selling a property involves a process. Once the sale and purchase contracts are executed or signed by parties to a transaction, time is of the essence. We will guide you, so you can contractually meet all the milestones stipulated on the sales and purchase contract, to help you avoid jeopardizing your sale/purchase, or good-faith deposit.

Review Closing Documents

Although it's rare to find errors on the Closing Statement, they do occasionally occur.  We will review all your closing sale and purchase documents, and with your permission, if financing, will check the Closing Statement, to make sure everything is in order.

Attend the Closing

We personally like to attend our seller's or buyer's closings, to make sure that if any last minute issues arise, we can advise them on how to best proceed, from that point forward.  Unfortunately, occasionally issues do surface at the closing table. When they do, its crucially important you have a professional by your side that can guide you and save your sale or purchase. 

Whether this is your first sale  or not, we will properly guide you, so you get the most from your sale.  Please visit the Seller Advisory Page for insights on the first steps to take, when selling your real estate or call us with your questions.

This is just a summary of the services we provide our selling clients. Call us for a free no obligation consultation about your selling plans.  Experience the difference and personal service you will receive that puts a premium on your success!  

Call us today!  


When you list your home with us, we will donate 10% of  our earned commission to any  local charity of your choice.

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