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Your new beautiful life begins here!

Welcome to the Buyer Services page, where we would like to acquaint you with some of the services we provide,

to our purchasing clients. 

First, congratulations on your decision to purchase.  Whether this is your first purchase or not, we will properly guide you, so you get the most from your purchase.  Please visit the Buyer Advisory Page for insights on the first steps to take, when purchasing real estate.

What we offer...


Concierge Service

When you first contact us, we will offer you our Five Star Concierge Service.

This service is perfect for the busy professional or the homemaker who does not have time to perform online searches or handle all the details when searching for a new home.  


After consulting with you, we will search for homes that meet your exact requirements.  All the properties presented to you, will be vetted before-hand, to make sure you have ALL the information you need, before scheduling a showing appointment.

Online Real-Time Conferencing

We also offer the convenience of online real-time conferencing, which permits us to communicate directly, to review property details, discuss and fill out written offers, and more.  Regardless of where you are in the world, we can share our computer screen, with you.  So, what you see, is what we see, in real-time! Our clients love the convenience and ease of use, of this time-saving service. 

Custom Search Website Portal

If you prefer to search on your own, no problem!  We can provide you access to the same database we use in our real estate business.  We can also set-up for you, a website search portal, which can notify you via email, every time a property of your interest comes to market.  At your search portal, you can also keep track of properties, rank them and leave us notes on individual properties, or request showing appointments, without having to write an email, text or giving us a call. The portal is convenient, easy to use and will help us communicate effectively, throughout the purchasing process.

Market Value Analysis 

Regardless of how you prefer to go about purchasing your next home, we will provide you with a detail Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, on any property you wish to purchase, so you can decide on the best purchase offer strategy.  

Professional Guidance

When writing an offer to purchase, we will put of years of experience to work for you, in formulating an offer that wins.  In highly competitive markets, its crucial to beat out the competition first, by offering terms that sellers are likely to accept.  In slow markets, we will advise you and negotiate the best price for you.  After negotiating the purchase terms and executing the contract on any property, we will guide you every step of the way, throughout the purchasing process.

Electronic Signatures

We also offer a secure and safe online of electronic signatures service, which can be a real time-saver, when certain signatures are required, throughout the purchasing process.  Our clients tell us they love this service, because it's easy and convenient, especially, when they are out of town, and an ink signature is not possible. 

Financing advice

Understanding your financing options, the benefits and drawbacks of certain types of loans is crucial.  Choosing the wrong mortgage for your particular purchasing situation, can cost you thousands of dollars, initially or through the life of the loan. We can provide you with honest advise, after considering all the factors of you particular situation.

Guidance Throughout the Closing Process

Purchasing property involves a process. Once the sale and purchase contract is executed or signed by both parties, time is of the essence.  We will guide you, so you can contractually meet all the milestones stipulated on the contract and avoid jeopardizing your purchase or good-faith deposit.

Review Closing Documents

Although its rare to find errors on the Closing Statement, they do occasionally occur. We will check, with your permission, the Closing Statement against your original Loan Estimate from the lender, to make sure everything is in order. We will also check all the fees, taxes and credits are correct.

Attend the Closing

If you wish, we can accompany you to the Closing, to make sure that if any last minute issues arise, we can advise you on how to best proceed, from that point forward.  Unfortunately, occasionally issues do surface at the closing table. When they do, its crucially important you have a professional by your side that can guide you and save your purchase.



These are just a summary of the services we provide our purchasing clients. Call us for a free no obligation consultation on your purchasing plans.  Experience the difference and personal service you will receive that puts a premium on your success!  

Call us today!  

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