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If you are thinking of selling, it's critical to know your property's true market value, in order to get the most from the sale and put together a sales and purchase plan.  

In my experience, online valuation models are typically wrong!  They don't take into account many factors that affect a property's "real market value."  Algorithms  don't know about the upgrades or features that may add  more value to a property, or the costs of improvements needed.

When you submit your request, you will be  provided with a value estimate, based on comparable recent sales, the competition, my knowledge of the local market and the sight-unseen current condition of your property.

Later, when you are ready, I can refine the of value estimate, when I visit your home.  At that time, I will  be able to confidently provide you, with a real-world value estimate, of your property's current market value.

When selling real estate, it is wise to seek the value opinion of a few local agents.  My opinion is free for the asking and is provided without any obligation.

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