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Make me move!

If I paid you this much, would you be willing to sell?

Sophisticated seller says, "Make Me Move"

Listing your property off-market has its advantages!

I know that it may sound like a crazy concept to most people reading this, but many savvy homeowners today understand and appreciate the concept of "make me move!"


These sophisticated homeowners may not want to necessarily sell their property today. Perhaps, they are thinking about selling in a year or two, but would consider selling today, if they could get a good price for their property.  They are practical, and have a good grasp of the dynamics involved in selling real estate!


They understand that working with a broker early on and listing the property off-market, as a pocket listing, before being ready to sell in the open market, has its advantages. For one, they can see if there is a buyer out there, willing to pay what they would want.  If their broker finds a buyer, they have the option to sell, or wait longer. They are in control!


They also keenly understand that by listing the property off market with a broker, before they are ready to move, will give them plenty of time to evaluate the broker's competency and skill, before trusting them to place their property in the open market. They know that a poor representation by their broker in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or open-market, can negatively impact their open-market sales effort.  It can even possibly stigmatize their property, making it harder to sell, when they are ready to sell and move on with their lives. Too many days on the open-market, and poor representation, can negatively impact a seller's plans!

Another advantage these astute property owners appreciate about listing their property off-market, is the fact that they can track their property's value over time, with the help of the value reports, provided by their broker.  These shrewd individuals usually can anticipate economic trends and appreciate the value of working with a broker, early on, which helps them avoid down markets and know, when it's the right time to sell.  


Perhaps, the best time to sell is now, rather than later.  How will you know?  Stay informed!  Call us today!  Listing your property for sale off-market, when you are not totally ready to sell, has its advantages and no down-side!  What do you have to lose?

Want to see if someone can make you move? 

briefcase with cash

Its your move!  It costs you nothing,

to see if someone will pay your price!

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