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Preparation, is the key to success!

Now that you have decided to sell your home, there are two things to consider in order to sell successfully. The first, is planning ahead for the sale, and second, like most people, preparing for the next purchase.  Having a sales and purchasing plan, is the key to your success and transitioning to your new life elsewhere.  Sadly, too many home sellers make the mistake of preparing the property first, hiring an agent, then figuring out their purchasing plan.  Avoid doing this!  Learn why below! 

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What is the first step in the home selling process?

Your first step involves defining a few questions, which are crucial going forward. For instance: Will you be financing or paying cash for your new home?  How soon do you need to sell? Do you know how much is your property worth?  Do you have a mortgage? Any late payments over the last 12 months?  Are there any open permits or liens on the property?


Believe it or not, the selling process begins with answering these few basic and fundamental questions. Regretfully, these questions are often overlooked by too many sellers and their brokers, alike. As you will learn, answering these basic questions, will help you define the next steps you'll need to take, to successfully sell your property and purchase your new home.

How soon do you need to sell?  Any urgency?

Time-is-of-the-essence when planning to sell!  Understanding your selling time-frame, which many be voluntary or involuntary, is crucial, since urgency can play a major role in defining the options before you. Do you need to sell quickly? Do you have six months or more to sell?  Are you a property owner, thinking of selling in a year or two? Perhaps you are a savvy seller, who understands the dynamics of selling real estate, who desires to safe-guard your family's privacy, while testing the market first, for the price you would want today, through the off-market sales approach or POCKET LISTING SALE?  Regardless of your personal selling time-frame, we will present you with the best selling options, which will take into account your personal selling situation, and places a premium on your success!

Do you know the market value of your home?

Pricing the property correctly to market, is probably one of the hardest decisions you as a property owner will ever face.  Price it too high and it will sit on the market, until the price reflects the property's condition and market demand. Price it too low, and you risk leaving money at the table.  We provide our selling clients with honest pricing advice, based on market demand and your property's current condition.  ORDER FREE HOME VALUE REPORT

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Your home is located in one of South Florida's most desirable areas. Do you know its market value?  ORDER FREE HOME VALUE REPORT

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The Seller Advisory pages, have real-world advise on how-to

successfully sell your home.  Understanding some of the key dynamics will put you in control and help you get the most from your sale.  Call with any of your questions.

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Online value estimates, are they really reliable?

The simple answer is no. Today, you have many online sources that can provide you with a value estimates. Unfortunately, they are rarely accurate! Why? Because when estimating value, they do not take into account factors, like your property's condition, any upgrades and your unique and personal selling situation. Those online value-bots, can only provide you with a guess-estimate, but can't give you a real world market value opinion, that is reliable.  As your selling agent, we will provide you with an honest real world value estimate of your home, based on market conditions, recent sales, the competition and the condition of your home. You can count on reliable guidance, in strategically pricing your property to sell quickly and for top dollar.


Its important to remember that the ultimate market value of your property, will be determine by you and a buyer, which will be established, on the day of the sale.  

To learn about the market value of your home, click GET FREE REPORT



If your intention is to purchase using part or all of the proceeds from the sale, and if you have a mortgage, you will need to calculate your pay-off in order to determine how much cash you will need for your new purchase.  Call your lender and ask for your pay-off. If you have a Home Equity Line of Credit or HELOC with a different lender, do the same. Any miscalculation on the cash you will have at hand after the sale, may result in your inability to purchase the home that you desire, unless of course, you qualify for a loan and finance part of the purchase. 


Make sure you know how much cash you will need for your new purchase, whether you have a mortgage or not!  Remember to include your selling expenses in your calculations.   Knowing beforehand, how much cash is at your disposal will help you determine your price range, and if financing is required or not, to purchase the home you want. It will also help you set your spending limit, and begin searching for properties within your budget.  

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Financing any part of your new home purchase?

If you are financing your next purchase, it is crucial to know if you have made all your mortgage payments (if any) on time, over the last 12 months.  Any late payment may result in your inability to obtain financing on any new purchase. At least 12 months of consecutive on-time mortgage payments must have been made, or most lenders may not finance your new purchase.  Check your mortgage payment records and make sure you have paid consistently on time. If you find that you have been late, give us a call and we may be able to help you obtain the financing that you need.


If you do not have a mortgage, but are going to finance part of your purchase, you will need to be pre-approved by a lender.  See FINANCING NEW PURCHASE

Does your property have any open permits?
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Every step of the way, we are here to help you successfully sell, and find a new place to call home!

If you have open permits, they can impact you ability to offer your property to the largest pool of buyers.  Lenders, will not finance properties with open permits.  This will limit your pool of buyers to "cash-only"  discount-buyers, who can purchase and assume responsibility for the open permit.  If you have open permits, its best to close them, if at all possible.  We can advice you on how to best to go about closing permits. Give us a call, we are here to help!


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Any attached liens to the title of your property?

In simple terms, a lien is a legal notice attached to the property's title because of an unpaid debt.  Basically, there are three types of liens that can encumber a property's title. The consensual lien, is like the one you have with your lender, when you borrowed to purchased your home. The lender has a lien on your property, until its sold or its paid-off.  Then there are the statutory liens, which have various categories.  The most commonly known, is the tax lien, which is filed by statute, when a property owner fails to pay property taxes. Lastly, there is the judgement lien, which is created when someone wins a legal judgment agains you, and records the judgement against your property. All liens attached to a seller's property, must be satisfied and settled at closing.  

To check if your property has a lien, or has been cited with a code violation, you can search the public record at the public recorder's office in the county or municipality, where the property is located, or you can call us!  We can do a preliminary search and inform you of any concerns.  To search on your own, click LIEN SEARCH.

Once you have determined your timeframe, the market value of your home and whether or not you will finance or pay cash for your next purchase, click on one of the buttons below to get started.


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If you plan ahead for your sale and purchase, you'll be toasting to your success and new life, elsewhere, much sooner, than later!

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