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Hire a neighbor expert to do the labor!

When selling your home, aside from the property, you are also selling buyers peace of mind!  A few well spent dollars servicing and making sure your appliances are in working order, gives budget conscious buyers, confidence that no immediate replacements are need. Removing doubts in the buyer's mind, about having to make a major appliance purchase, results in a quicker sale!


Whether you are selling or not, call one of our advertisers listed here. They are experts in their field, ready to deliver the services you need to repair, service or replace your appliances, in your Miami Lakes home.  


Let us know about the quality of service, you received from your neighbor.  

They earn Hearts for great service!


Amor Proximo Tuo

"        thy neighbor"

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

 -Benjamin Franklin

The companies listed below, are either located in-town, or their owner is a Miami Lakes resident. *

Miami Lakes Appliance Repair

Repair, service & installation

6625 Miami Lakes Dr E. Suite 100
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(786) 272-6562

Orlim Electric

Address: 8181 NW 154th St Suite #204, Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Open 24 hours

Phone(786) 201-4077

If you live in Miami Lakes, and
your business is located elsewhere in South Florida, you can still list it in this directory, by simply emailing us below.

* When a service in a category is not offered by a resident, when no such service provider operates in Miami Lakes, or there are too few providers within a services category, advertising is open to outside of the area vendors.


Write a review for any of our advertisers and receive a free sticker!

The advertisers on this website are your neighbors!  Support our website by mentioning that you learned about them here. Thanks for your support and making your trusted real estate advisor. THANK YOU!

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