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Hire a neighbor expert, when you need an architect

The professionals listed below, either have a business location 

in-town, or are Miami Lakes residents.

Amor Proximo Tuo


"        thy neighbor"

A J Verde Architects PA 

5979 NW 151st Street Miami lakes, FL 33014

(305) 558-3936

Architeks Inc.

8145 NW 155th Street Miami Lakes, FL 33016

(305) 822-7369

Aog Architects PA 

16400 NW 59th Ave Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 827-8933

Cohen Freedman Encinosa-Architects PA

8085 NW 155th Street Miami Lakes, Fl 33016


Digital Drafting Systems

 5765 NW 158th StMiami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 445-6480

Dion Lee Valencia Aia

5727 NW 151st Street Miami Lakes, FL 33014


Design Tech Incorporated

8181 NW 154th Street Suite 110 Miami Lakes, Fl 33016


Design Tech International Associates, Inc.

14125 NW 80th Ave Suite 303 Miami Lakes, FL 33016

(786) 235-9097


15450 New Barn Road Suite 304 Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 728-7400

Keith Martin Architect

16100 Troon Circle Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 825-0617

Lewis Edwards Architects

14411 Commerce Way Suite 422 Miami Lakes, Fl 33016

(305) 821-0420 

Luis Larosa Architects, Inc.

6500 Cow Pen Road Suite 103 Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 403-7926

Peterson Porras Rodriguez Architects

6175 NW 153rd Street Suite 402 Miami Lakes, FL 33014

(305) 822-3336

Tri-County Engineering

7729 NW 146th St5reet Miami lakes, FL 33016

(305) 823-3737

Let us know about the quality of service, you received from your neighbor.  

They earn Hearts for great service!


     Your neighbor, since 1995


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