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What are Mystery Properties?

Mystery properties are properties, which have not sold, but represent an excellent value,

at the current listed price.  Some, are actually listed below their true market value!  

The reason it has not sold?  Sometimes it's a mystery!  

If this week's Mystery Property peaks your interest, and you want to

solve the mystery, contact us by clicking anywhere on the Mystery Property photo, below. 

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Mystery Properties 

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If you purchase this property with us, we will pay you up to $5,000 at closing!

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These recent sales, were featured on this page and sold for thousands below their last listed price.  These buyers solved the mystery and discovered the hidden value.


We consistently uncover the hidden value many fail to see.  Finding your new Miami Lakes home, does not need to be a mystery,
when you work with us! 

Mysteriously, this wonderful home has been on the market for 140 days.


Great value for the money! 

This week, our Mystery Property is a two story immaculate home, with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and a two car garage.  It is located just west of 87th Avenue and north of 147th street.  The home offers a huge internal patio, perfect for family gatherings, 2,753 SF of living space and tile floors throughout. 

We believe that at the current listed price of $699,000 and in consideration of the upgrades and condition, this home is listed for approximately $30,000 below it's true market value, when compared to the most recent sales in the area.  The property can be easily shown.  

Can it be purchase for less than the current asking price of $699,000?  

Want to solve the mystery?